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MiniMerlin registration refunds

So it turns out that the registration fee refunds are a bit more of a hassle than I was expecting, because Paypal is apparently an evil cash-skimming scheme, or something. They won't let me issue a partial refund if you sent your registration fee as a personal transaction, and they won't let me send anyone money without charging about a 10% transaction fee, meaning I can only send you about $4.50 instead of $5. SO, HERE IS THE PLAN.

For everyone who marked their payments as personal transactions, I will simply pay your refund to you in cash at the con. If you're not okay with that arrangement and would prefer to receive your full refund before the con, let me know in the comments, and we can work something out. If you'd rather just have me paypal you the $4.50 instead of waiting for the full $5, let me know that in the comments as well. Also, I've already had one generous person offer to donate their refund to the pot, so if anyone else wants to take that option, let me know in the comments. All comments will be screened and confidential.

Or, if there is anyone who knows a lot about Paypal and would like to educate me in how to send money without getting charged the transaction fee, that would obviously be most welcome. ♥



Okay everyone, MiniMerlin hotel registration officially closes in ONE WEEK. That is MONDAY, MARCH 7, TO BE EXACT. After that date, I can no longer guarantee anyone will get the group hotel rate, so if you or someone you know wants to go to MiniMerlin, light a fire under their butts and get them to sign up. ;)

I have some awesome news! We have 26 people officially registered, which means the registration fee gets bumped down to $25! If you paypalled me your fee, I'll get those refunds to you guys sometime in the next few days. If you sent me a check, I'll send you a refund check after registration closes.

HERE is the list of people who have officially registered, and HERE is the list of roommate groups so far. If I haven't gotten a roommate request from you, I'm going to start randomly assigning people to rooms, so if you have a last minute roommate request get it to me asap. I'll be posting the random roommate list either later today or early tomorrow, and PMing any room coordinators to let them know how to book the rooms.

General registration will stay open up until April 1. (I know I said about a month ago that all registration closed on March 7, but I apparently do not have the good sense God gave me and didn't realize that DUH, PEOPLE WHO ARE NOT STAYING IN THE HOTEL CAN STILL REGISTER AFTER THE HOTEL DEADLINE. *epic facepalm*) So if you'd like to come to MiniMerlin but don't plan to stay at the hotel, feel free to register right up until a week before the con.

Once hotel registration closes, I'll start posting information about the vid show and the communal photo quest and other fun stuff, so make sure to check the comm often, or subscribe to our twitter @minimerlin2011.

Also, on a personal note, I'd just like to say how ridiculously excited I am to be able to see everyone this year. A little over a week ago, I got some pretty bad news and thought I wouldn't be able to go to the con that I've been planning! But thanks to my parents' awesome generosity I'm going to get to go after all! AND I CAN'T WAIT TO SEE YOU ALL IN PHILADELPHIA!!! ♥♥♥



Hey MiniMerliners!

Just a reminder, MiniMerlin registration closes on MARCH 7!!! That is the deadline for HOTEL RESERVATIONS!!! So if you're planning to stay at the hotel, make sure you get your registration fee in early enough for me to verify all roommates have paid their con fees and send your room coordinator the hotel reservation website link!

So far, we have 19 21 26 32 people officially registered! Below is the list of official attendees, so if you have paid your con fee and don't see your name on this list, let me know!


There is still plenty of time to register and find roommates for the party of the year! ♥


MiniMerlin video

MiniMerlin 2010 from Mini Merlin on Vimeo.

password: minimerlin2010

After finally getting some new video editing software, I've put together all the footage and pics from last year's MiniMerlin! \o/ Hopefully this will serve as a nice reminder of all the fun for everyone who attended, and for new attendees, just check it out and see how much awesomeness is in store for you on April 8-10! ♥

Thanks to everyone who attended for letting me film our ridiculous shenanigans, thanks to zephre for contributing additional pics, and thanks to smoo_nyc and zarathuse for taking a look at this and making sure it was funny to other people besides just me. ;P There will definitely be more videotaped shenanigans this year, for anyone who wants in on that action! And if anyone else wants to contribute your own photos/video for this coming year, that would be fantastic! ♥♥♥

(And fyi, for anyone who is wondering why some people's faces are blurred, those are the people who specifically requested not to have their faces put up on the internet.)


Transportation Post!

(shameless copypasta from cherrybina's post last year)

Now that we have a hotel I wanted to make a post for anyone looking to carpool. There have been a few people who have mentioned that they'd like to come, but they don't want to travel alone and would like to ride with others if possible. So for those of you who are driving and would be willing to have a person or two come along, please fill out the following info:

If you're looking to hitch a ride, I suggest contacting someone who's coming from your area to work out where to meet, sharing gas expenses, etc.

This is entirely optional, and if you're driving alone and would prefer it that way that's totally fine, but I can tell you that a bunch of people who had never met before carpooled last year, and some epic friendships were born. Because seriously? Roadtrip + Merlin + fangirls = SOMETHING REALLY AWESOME.

/shameless copypast


Roommate Post!

Looking for roommates? This is the place!

Post a comment below either saying you are looking for roommates or offering to adopt a roommate into your group. There are 4 people to a room, so when you have a full room AND a room coordinator AND everyone in your room has paid the con registration fee, have your room coordinator contact me and I will send them instructions on how to book a room.

Remember, the deadline for reserving a room is MARCH 7th!!! If you don't reserve your room by this date, there's no guarantee you will get the group rate, or even a room at the hotel.

A little information about the hotel:
Holiday Inn Express Midtown
1305 Walnut St.
A few of the amenities offered: Free hot breakfast buffet, free wifi, 2-3 blocks from subway and bus stops, 20 restaurants and bars within a few blocks of the hotel (And right across the street from a gay bar, apparently. Accidental coincidence FTW. \o/) And, for those of us not planning to sleep in and lazily veg out, the hotel offers free passes to Bally Total Fitness.

The room price per night (with tax) is $148.61. Divided by 4 people that is $37.16 per person per night, or $74.31 for the entire weekend. You are welcome to have less than 4 people in a room, but the room price is the same whether there are 1 or 4 people in the room, so if you want a room with less than 4 people everyone must agree to pay a slightly higher price for that room.

If you have any questions, please comment on the information post.

Room 1:
mellacita (RC)

Room 2:
puckling (RC)

Room 3:

Room 4
gelbwax (RC rms 3&4)

Room 5:
krismc09 (RC)

Room 6:
missdewey (RC)

Room 7:
alba17 (RC)

Room 8:
chaneen (RC)

Room 9:
likeaglass (RC)


Registration Post!


DATE: April 8-10, 2011
HOTEL: Holiday Inn Express Midtown, 1305 Walnut St.
Price per night: $129 + 15.2% tax = $148.61
Total price for hotel PER PERSON = $74.31(two nights in hotel)
For those of you who care about such things, this lovely hotel is located right in the middle of the city within easy walking distance of public transit and tons of cool stuff and includes such marvelous amenities as FREE PR0N WIFI and FREE COFFEE BREAKFAST. Also, by happy accident, I have discovered that there is a gay bar right across the street. HELLS YEAH. \o/

ETA: HOTEL REGISTRATION IS OFFICIALLY CLOSED! However, if you would like to attend but are not staying in the hotel, you are more than welcome to sign up! ♥

So, now that the hard part is done, all that's left to do is get everyone registered. Just a reminder: DO NOT BOOK YOUR HOTEL UNTIL YOU GET YOUR ROOMMATE SITUATION OFFICIALIZED BY MOI IN THIS POST. PLZANDTHX.

Right now, all you are going to do is pay your con registration fee. Until I've received your con fee, you cannot book your hotel, so this is the first step to joining in the fun and shenanigans. WITHOUT THE CON REGISTRATION, THERE CAN BE NO SHENANIGANS.

Just a reminder that the registration fee covers food, non-alcoholic drinks, and the con suite. None of it is going into my pockets! All of it is going towards making this con a fantastic, fun experience for everyone! ♥

Right now, to cover the cost of the con suite and food, the registration cost is $30. However, if we get 22 or more people registered, the registration fee will drop to $25, and I will refund $5 to anyone who paid the $30 fee. For this reason, I would much prefer people pay with paypal instead of checks, since this money is easier to refund, but I understand that sometimes checks are the only option.
ETA: Registration is now $25!!! ♥

Summary of registration process
1. Comment to this post, filling out the registration form below.
2. Send your payment via check or paypal. I would much prefer paypal if possible! Paypal moneys should be sent to mini.merlin2011 at gmail dot com, and please remember to put your LJ name in the comment box! If you would prefer check, email me at ras.elased_star at yahoo dot com, and I will tell you where to send the check.
3. Once you've registered and sent your payment, be sure to check out the rooming and transportation posts!
4. Once I have received your payment, I will let you know, and your room coordinator can book your room.
5. Registration closes on MARCH 7!!!
6. Keep an eye on this community for any future updates!

How do I know I'm registered?
Once I've received your payment, then I will reply to your comment letting you know.

Registration Form:

Name: (LJ name or RL name, whatever you want people to call you)
Age: (Over 18 or over 21 is all we need to know)
Gender: (For rooming purposes only)
Location: (Where are you coming from? Doesn't need to be specific, but maybe you can find someone who lives nearby who would be willing to travel together.)
Staying in the hotel? Which nights? Y/N (Fri/Sat/All)
Payment method: (paypal or check) If using paypal, please put your LJ name in the comment section
Are you willing to be a room coordinator? (Room coordinators are the people who will make the reservation for their group once everyone is registered and con fees are received. Each roommate group MUST have a room coordinator. Requirements: Must have a credit card, as this is required to reserve a hotel room. Must be willing and able to communicate and coordinate with your roommates to arrange payment for the room and other logistics. As the general coordinator, I will be available to provide help and support, but RCs have the primary responsibility for their room.)
Any roommate requests: (Please make sure you get permission from potential roommates before putting down any names here)
Anything else I should know about? (food allergies, etc. If you'd like to keep it private, feel free to PM or email me.)

Since this post is for REGISTRATION ONLY, if you have any questions or comments, please comment in the information post or PM me or email me at ras.elased_star at yahoo dot com. Thanks, and we can't wait to see you in April! ♥

Important ETA: Apparently, Paypal is charging $1.17 fee on some transactions. I'm not particularly familiar with Paypal rules but I think, according to the Paypal website, that this is for "unverified" accounts or people using credit cards. I know $1.17 doesn't seem like much, but it adds up over time, and the more people who charge that fee to MiniMerlin the more that gets taken out of our con fund. So if you are paying via paypal and given the option to pay the $1.17 fee or have MiniMerlin pay the fee, I would appreciate the former option, if at all possible. Thank you everyone for signing up and we look forward to seeing you in April! ♥♥♥


Info Post!

MiniMerlin 2011 Info/FAQ

The Important Stuff:
Date: Friday, April 8 to Sunday, April 10
Hotel: Holiday Inn Express Midtown, 1305 Walnut St.
Cost per person: Registration fee ($30 $25) + Hotel ($74.31 ) = $104.31 $99.31 total for the con
(The registration fee will drop to $25 if we get over 22 people registered, and $5 will be refunded to anyone who payed the $30 registration price)

Informational posts you should check out:
Registration post
Roommate post
Transportation post
Fun activities to do in Philly
MiniMerlin Twitter feed, for instant notification about con updates! (This is only viewable to registered con attendees. Request to join, and once you're officially registered I'll grant you access.)

FAQ and other stuffCollapse )

Also, FYI: We have a Cafepress store, in case anyone wants to shamelessly proclaim their love of Merlin via merchandise. \o/ (This is not for profit, everything is sold at cost!) If anyone has any designs they'd like to submit, email me at ras.elased_star at yahoo dot com and I will put them up on the store. ♥

If there are any other questions that aren't answered here, feel free to leave a comment on this post!




So, the hotel situation is still being ironed out, but things look promising. We'll probably be able to find a hotel at a similar or cheaper price than last year! \o/

But since a couple of months have gone by since our initial interest poll, I realize people's plans can change. So if you are still interested in CRAZY MERLIN SHENANIGANS for the weekend of April 8-10, CHECK OUT THIS AWESOMESAUCE POLL!!!

Who's got two thumbs and is coming to MiniMerlin 2011?

Probably this guy...

Look for another update with hotel info either late this week or early next week!


It's about that time again...

Time for MINIMERLIN 2011!!!

We're still in the early planning stages, so please fill out the poll below so we have an idea of how many people are planning to attend and to maximize the fun of this year's MiniMerlin!

For those of you who are interested, we are very laid back con, more of a fannish gathering without too many scheduled "events." There are no panels or anything like that, though there is a vid show and the inevitable drunken porn reading. We spend Friday evening, all day Saturday, and Sunday morning basking in fandom squee and taking time out to breathe and explore the wonderful city of bromance brotherly love, Philadelphia. It is a great way to meet fellow Merlin fans and we always have a fantastic time!

To give you an idea of costs, last year the registration cost was $25 and the cost per individual for staying at the hotel Friday and Saturday nights was around $100 total. Fangirls are grouped four to a room, and you are welcome to request roommates. As always, attendees can make other arrangements besides staying at the hotel, but the registration fee is not optional. The registration fee covers pizza dinner Saturday and snacks and non-alcoholic drinks the other nights, as this is a strictly BYOB event.

This year, we are thinking about making a few changes. In the past, we have had enough attendees to afford a separate, unoccupied "Con Suite" for both nights which served as a general meeting place for fangirls to watch episodes/play games/read fic late into the night. I think we will have enough people to afford a Con Suite this year, but if not, we have other options. One such option is that instead of a separate, unoccupied room, one group's room could become the "Party Room" that would serve to host fangirl shenanigans late into the night. (Obviously, we would not want to bestow this honor to just anyone, so when registration is opened in the future we would select one lucky room full of people who have generously granted permission for a gaggle of fangirls to chill in their room until the wee hours of the morn'.) Another option is slightly raising the registration fee to accommodate the charge for an extra room. I won't have any information about the exact price increase until I know roughly how many people are coming and how much the hotel is charging, but I promise it won't be anything drastic, so just use your best judgment when answering that poll question. Judging by the amount of interest I've seen so far, I doubt this will even be necessary, but I just want to cover all the bases.

Another possible change is a change of venue. While we had a great time last year at Penn's Landing, there are other hotels less centrally located to downtown Philly. The benefits would be a cheaper priced hotel, but we also might not find a hotel within walking distance of the fun shops and activities downtown. I'm curious how many people would find this trade-off favorable vs. unfavorable.

We will be opening registration in a few months, so the poll below is ONLY TO GAUGE INTEREST and to help us select dates and start shopping for hotel group rates. I understand that people's plans change, but please try to only select "definitely coming" if you are seriously invested in attending what promises to be THE SOCIAL EVENT OF THE YEAR. ♥

I will be:

Definitely attending
Maybe attending
Not attending

I will be:

Staying at the hotel
Not staying at the hotel

The preferred dates I would like to attend (SELECT ALL THAT APPLY):

March 11-13
March 18-20
March 25-27
April 8-10
April 15-17

If the number of people registered does not cover the Con Suite, then I would prefer:

A "Party Room"
A slightly larger registration fee

If you selected "Party Room" above, would you be willing to stay in the designated "Party Room"?


If we held the con at a hotel that was less conveniently located but cheaper, I would find this change:


Are you ready to PART-AY?


♥ Thanks to everyone for participating in the poll and helping us get the ball rolling on planning the fun! ♥